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ALI - Accelerated Learning Instruction

House Bill (HB) 4545 - a new statute - provides accelerated instruction practices required beginning with the 2021-2022 school year for all students based on STAAR/EOC results from Spring 2021. If a student was absent or did not take the Spring 2021 STAAR assessment, the student is eligible for accelerated learning instruction. Eligible students are required to receive 30 hours of targeted accelerated instruction for each of the tested subject areas in which the student did not perform satisfactorily.

Rivera ECHS will use APEX as the source for ALI Online Instruction. Students need to follow the steps below to self-enroll in the specific courses. All ALI instruction must be done in person, at school, with the assigned tutorial teacher. 

Instructions for Self-Enrolling and Accessing APEX through Clever.
​Step 1) Click on "Clever" Icon/Box
Step 2) Click on "Click Here to Login" and sign-in using your BISD Email and BISD E-Mail Password.
                        Username For Students:
                        Password For Students: Email Password
Step 3) Click on "APEX Learning" Icon
Step 4) Click on blue button that says "ACTION"
Step 5) Click on "ADD ENROLLMENTS"
Step 6) Enter the SELF-ENROLL CODE
Step 7) Click "NEXT" / "ENROLL" / "CLOSE"
Step 8) Refresh window and begin your prep course!



APEX Self-Enroll Codes

8th Grade Reading 

EOC English I

EOC English II

8th Grade Math

EOC Algebra I



8th Grade ​Science

EOC Biology



8th Grade ​History 

EOC US History





TSIA 2.0 Test Preparation

Click on TSI Picture below to sign up for TSIA2.0 Prep - Everyone needs to re-register.
There is a new code for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Rivera TSIA 2.0 Test Prep Link