Early College High Schools are innovative high schools that allow students least likely to attend college an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and 60 college credit hours. Early College High Schools:

  • Provide dual credit at no cost to students
  • Offer rigorous instruction and accelerated courses
  • Provide academic and social support services to help students succeed
  • Increase college readiness, and
  • Reduce barriers to college access.

Chavez, Mario

At-Risk / College Readiness / 956-698-1436

Elizondo, Cindy

10th Grade Counselor / 956-698-2176

Ibarra, Ana

9th Grade Counselor / 956-698-3131

Longoria, Laura

12th Grade Counselor / 956-698-0239

Salazar, Sherry

11th Grade Counselor / 956-698-2119

Iracheta, Katherine

Gear Up Counselor  / 956-698-0943

Van Cise, Felisa

Idea Counselor / 956-698-6378

Hernandez, Abigail

Career Placement Officer / 956-698-0094



“A person who never made mistakes never tried anything new.” — Albert Einstein

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