Obed Leal

Rivera Faculty and Staff,

We are very excited to be part of the Raider Nation! I want to thank all of you for welcoming me and
making me feel part of this family. I know that the last few school years have been a challenging time in education. The state has continually changed graduation requirements and accountability goals. Our task has been made even more difficult due to the academic gaps created by limited schooling during the pandemic. However, you all have persevered. You have met all challenges, and we will continue growing the culture of success cultivated at Rivera ECHS. We can accomplish anything by believing in our team, instructional process, and students.

With great pleasure, I welcome you to another wonderful year at Rivera Early College High School. I have been told great things about the wonderful people at Rivera. It is my honor to lead you and serve this community.

I want to inform you of my educational philosophy. I emphasize student academic achievement through effective planning, student-centered instructional delivery, and data analysis. Our Raider Classroom and the Rivera Instructional Playbook, based on the Fundamental 5, would be your guide. We will provide professional development to roll out this instructional process throughout the school year. We have high expectations for lesson planning and lesson delivery, but you can count on the
administrative team’s support. Work with your department and strand to ensure you include the
required elements in your lesson plans. We ask that all teachers include daily writing and student talk
activities in your lessons. As you plan engaging lessons, the Common Instructional Framework, text
structures, and Lead4Ward activities should be used in your lessons. This will help you minimize the
amount of time directly teaching your students. We expect teachers to break down data to give students more personalized instruction that differentiates instruction. We will frequently meet to discuss data.

An educator’s goal should always be to improve. I recommend taking advantage of the many professional development opportunities Rivera and BISD have to offer. Also, your professionalism is vital to our campus climate. We should attend meetings and complete tasks promptly. However, we are here to help and guide you.

I am very proud to be your principal and your biggest supporter. I know we have an awesome team. My door is always open, and I aim to support you in every way possible. Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Rivera ECHS!

“Believe in our team, our process, and our students!”

Obed Leal